Welcome to Discolorful November 2014!

November….outside it’s cold…. Wind and rain hit you in the face. Your hands are tucked deep in your pockets searching for some warmth. The night is falling quickly, the puddles in the street carry your thoughts away to the good times you had playing Ultimate… without wind, without rain…. November….still a long time to go before you can play Ultimate in optimal conditions again… or not?! DisColorful November brings you the joy of playing Ultimate under the best conditions! Forget November’s greyness ! We will bring color into your dark fall. Indoor Ultimate as it should be!

This year the tournament will focus on COED teams only.
The bad news is, there won't be an OPEN-division.
The good news is, we're able to welcome more COED teams: 16! OOOH YEAH!!!

Like the previous editions we'll welcome you in Tongeren, one of the oldest cities in Belgium. Luckily for us, in this old city they built a modern sports complex, with 2 full sized Ultimate Fields in one hall (and a poolfor relaxation in between games...free for Ultimate players).

More info on rules and gameplay and more practical info about the tournament will be added to our tournament booklet, which will be send to the teams when registration is completed.

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1 & 2/11/2014

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Sportoase Eburons Dome

Vrijheidweg 9
3700 Tongeren

Grotere kaart weergeven

Tongeren is in the east of Belgium, close to the Dutch and German border. The sportscenter is just at the highway exit. Ryanair airport Brussels South is at 100km.

Close to ...

  • Aachen GER: 57 km
  • Brussels BE: 90 km
  • Eindhoven NL: 97 km
  • Köln GER: 130 km
  • Gent BE: 147 km
  • Lille FR: 208 km
  • Amsterdam NL: 231km
  • Paris FR: 378 km
  • Strasbourg FR: 385 km

When making the schedule we'll make sure that the teams who have to drive a long distance don't have to play the first game of the tourney.

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Team Fee: 100€

Player Fee Sleeping Hall: 35€ pp

Player Fee youth hostel: 30€pp + 20€ pp/night

Included: highlevel tournament (with relaxation-pool & nice showers), dinner & awesome party on Saturday, sleeping accommodation, breakfast on Sunday and last but not least a beautiful player gift.

Unfortunately the sleeping hall will only be available on Saturday. This means that the only sleeping accomodation for teams arriving on Friday is the youth hostel. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If for your team it's really not an option to arrive on Saturday and to stay at the youth hostel, we advice you to contact our chairman Sigi (sigibodson@yahoo.com). He might be able to work his magic! Thank you for your understanding!



We ask you to pay at least the teamfee + 6 x playersfee + 6 x sleeping accomodation in advance. Payments must be done before 24/10/2014. If you don't pay before that date your spot will become vacant for teams on the waiting list.

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